What we can do

Wolfcraft garage and workshop furniture

The Wolfcraft garage and workshop furniture system allows you to arrange the space in a workshop or garage according to individual needs and ideas. Constructed by German engineers to allow maximum use of wall surfaces and the floors, allowing easy cleaning under them. 

Why is it worth it?

  • the possibility of flexible configuration of the workshop table
  • over 100 solutions for combining individual elements — flexible to meet almost all different needs
  • the ability to adapt the workshop table to your needs at any time
  • 10 years of warranty
  • ease of use for both left- and right-handed people
  • perfect match of various elements and easy assembly of those
  • saving space thanks to connecting individual elements in such a way that there are no gaps between them
  • optimal use of space thanks to the possibility of storing tools on a perforated panel and within a system of wall cabinets
  • compact solution ideal for every workshop
  • bearing guides system
  • screwed with high quality screws


Fortelock floors

Fortelock is a modern floor system designed for both newly created and existing surfaces. It is intended for rooms such as garages, car workshops, gyms, public facilities.

Modular tiles can be arranged in any pattern, which will make the interior extraordinary, and at the same time will be very resistant to dirt and chemicals. Its advantage is the breathability of the surface, quick assembly and disassembly processes. The floor will look aesthetically for many years. It’s easy to clean this floor. 

Fortelock is a floor system for customers who require something better. The manufacturer’s warranty is up to 12 years! The life-time is estimated for 25 years!

Kenovo system

Kenovo is a group of universal products, very easy to install, ideal for customers looking for space savings in rooms such as garages, tool houses, laundries, pantries.
The system consists of fully compatible modules which can be easily reassembled at any time according to your needs. 

The shelves have quick assembly and disassembly technology, so they can be moved to another location in the future. Additionally, the high quality and elastomer coating on the hooks helps to prevent scratching of hanging items.
The Kenovo system has two product groups — black and white. The latter one is the latest response to consumer needs.


Keeper storage boxes 

Made of high quality plastic materials. The boxes have reinforced edges, and enduring covers, available in various sizes, compatible with one another (the base at the bottom matches with the upper edge of the boxes so that we can comfortably put one box on another one). 

There are reinforced handles on the left and right side. Thanks to that one or two people can comfortably move them.  

The holes in the side walls are an additional advantage because they allow us to see what is currently stored in the boxes. 


Additional Products

 Who doesn’t need a ladder at home? Thanks to telescopic ladders, we can quickly and efficiently clean roof gutters after the winter season or hang holiday lighting. 

Ladders produced by Stalko and Krause companies can be easily stored horizontally or vertically on the wall without using too much space.  An additional advantage is their weight and way of unfolding. 

Stands for wood

Shoe polisher machines