Equipment for your garage – sinks and taps

A universal sink is equipped with the back protective part that helps to keep the wall dry.  The sink may be equipped with taps and dispenser. There are tower-racks next to the edges. There is an option of installing additional rack which may serve as the dryer.

The mat surface is easy to clean. This well-designed sink does not have any parts difficult to clean where the dirt could accumulate.

The sink with the additional part protecting the wall from getting wet. Additionally, there is an option to bore a hole for the tap which is vertical and has a rotary nozzle and dispenser for the liquid which is filled in from above.

Made from polypropylene. It doesn’t crack, it doesn’t rust, it doesn’t peel off, it is resistant to corrosive substances.

We suggest to use the Hans Grohe Bidette Focus 100 tap to this sink. Ask for the current price.