Fortelock floors

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Fortelock is a new system of the floors designed for both the surfaces just created and the ones which already exist for some time. It serves the spaces such as garages, car workshops, gyms, public buildings. The modular tiles can create any pattern which will make the interior original and dirt and chemicals resistant. The advantage of the solution is the breathability of the material, quick assembly and disassembly. The floor will look aesthetically for many years. The maintenance of the floor is easy.

Fortelock is a floor system for those who desire something more. The producers’ guarantee is up to 12 years! And the usage timing is estimated for about 25 years!




A system of very resistant floors in many colours. Only the imagination limits the possibilities in this case. The Swisstrax’s advantages are undoubtfully:
– 12 years of guarantee;
– great durability;
– full mobility;
– possibility of multiple usage;
– easiness of maintenance
– great look







Kenovo system

Kenovo products are universal, easy to assembly, designed for clients who are looking for a possibility to save some storing space in spaces such as garages, tools workshops, pantries, laundry rooms. The system contains of fully compatible modules and you can reassembly it at any time.

The racks use the technology of quick assembly and disassembly. Thanks to it, they can be moved to other location in the future. An additional advantage is high quality and elastomer surface on the hooks which prevents the scratching by the things hung on the hooks.

Kenovo system consists of two product groups: a black one and a white one. The latest one is the newest response to the clients’ needs.



Wolfcraft garage and workshop furniture


The Wolfcraft garage and workshop furniture system allows you to arrange the space in a workshop or garage according to individual needs and ideas. Constructed by German engineers to allow maximum use of wall surfaces and the floors, allowing easy cleaning under them.

Why is it worth it?

      • the possibility of flexible configuration of the workshop table


      • over 100 solutions for combining individual elements — flexible to meet almost all different needs


      • the ability to adapt the workshop table to your needs at any time


      • 10 years of warranty


      • ease of use for both left- and right-handed people


      • perfect match of various elements and easy assembly of those


      • saving space thanks to connecting individual elements in such a way that there are no gaps between them


      • optimal use of space thanks to the possibility of storing tools on a perforated panel and within a system of wall cabinets


      • compact solution ideal for every workshop


      • bearing guides system


    • screwed with high quality screws

Garage accessories

Gardena wall drums are of high comfort of use. They have an automatic „roll-up” battery reel and when you want to do it manually — it is possible by just lightly pulling the hose, which will cause it to reel at an even and slow pace.

The products are mounted on the wall. They can be rotated 180 degrees when folding the drum on the wall. They have high quality springs and activation locks at 50-cm intervals. Hoses with a diameter of 13 mm have three different lengths: 15, 25, 35 m and provide a large water flow, e.g. when using sprinklers.

These products have a 5-year warranty.

Boxes and bins

Kosze na odpady z pokrywą. Pojemnik o pojemności 60 l, zawieszany na ścianie.

Kosze na odpady z pokrywą. Pojemnik o pojemności 60 l, zawieszany na ścianie.




Made of high quality plastic materials bins for recycling.

There are reinforced handles on the left and right side and enduring covers. They are available in different sizes (35, 60, 75, 90, 120 litres). The boxes are compatible with one another (the base at the bottom matches with the upper edge of the boxes so that we can comfortably put one box on another one).

All products have reinforced handles on the left and right side. Thanks to that one or two people can comfortably move them around or use a wheel cart for those (e.g. when they are filled with glass). There are various colours of these products available. 


Leifheit and Starmix — garage and home care devices

Who does not need a good mop with a bucket at home or appropriate overlays for the care of various types of floors? Thanks to the patented Leifheit Click System you can now have one bar that will fit many products such as: a rubber brush, a rubber squeegee for the floor, a broom, a squeegee for glass, a vacuum cleaner for glass.

The Starmix hand sweeper is ideal both at home and in the garden. Its brushes easily pick up leaves, papers, cans and other rubbish by placing them in a container at the back of the 25-litre device. It is easy to use and efficient (1,600 m2/h). The device weights 6 kg and its sweeping width is as wide as 55 cm.

Wolfcraft stands for wood,  Stalco and Krause ladders 

The Wolfcraft company offers a very light, aluminum, folding stand for wood. Wood dries evenly from below and from above thanks to it construction. An additional advantage of this product are side walls that prevent the wood from sliding, ensuring the safety of children playing in the yard. There are two sizes available in the offer: XL i XXL.

Thanks to telescopic ladders, we can quickly and efficiently clean roof gutters after the winter season or hang holiday lighting. Ladders produced by Stalko and Krause companies can be easily stored horizontally or vertically on the wall without using too much space.  An additional advantage is their weight and way of its opening.

Bartscher shoe cleaning machine

Shiny shoes without any effort. Foot-operated (by button). Made of steel, powder coated. Silent polishing brushes made of telyrene, for light and dark shoes. Additional cleaning brush for dirtier items. Dispensers for liquid shoe polish with ball valve.

Techem doormats system

Doormats from a leading manufacturer, Techem, are an excellent choice for a garage. Custom-made dimensions according to customer needs. For rubber and brush doormats, the application temperature range is from -40 to +70 degrees. Available in 3 types of height:12, 17 and 22 mm.


Storage of a box, kayak, windsurfing board




N-LOCK is a revolution when it comes to the security of a bicycle storage. Thanks to it, the bike which is stored uses less space. The N-LOCK system also makes it easy to store and transport your bike. Ask for details.